Rock Springs 4-H Center Project

Kansas 4-H and Kansas Kiwanis

Working Together to Grow Kansas Leaders And Serve Today's Families and Communities 

The Kansas 4-H Foundation owns and operates Rock Springs 4-H Center, the largest privately- owned and privately-operated 4-H facility in the nation. That's the same Rock Springs where the Kansas District holds its annual Key Leadership weekend for high school students. 

The Kansas District of Kiwanis has pledged $250,000 over the next five years for improvements to the lower level of the American Heritage Hall of Kansas, the largest building at Rock Springs. Heritage Hall was built in 1972 and houses a 400-seat theater-style auditorium, lower level meeting rooms and patio, and a large lobby that includes a recognition area and an art gallery. The building is used by the majority of visiting groups for meetings and conferences. Renovations are necessary because of the extensive use and age of the building.

Heritage Hall at Rock Springs 4-H Center


Come Let the Spirit Move You!

There's something special about the atmosphere, facilities and the spirit of the activities at Rock Springs. They call it the "Spirit of the Springs." Now is the time for all Kansas Kiwanians to "Get into the Spirit of the Springs."

Renovating the lower level of Heritage Hall will enhance facilities used by 4-H and Kiwanis to instill in Kansas young people a desire to serve and become leaders in our communities. It will improve an already great place for a variety of functions including future Kiwanis activities. And Kansas Kiwanis will become a recognized partner with Kansas 4-H that has over 800 clubs in all 105 counties involving over 60,000 Kansas youth and their families.

The Kansas Kiwanis brand will receive recognition to include:

  • Naming the lower level meeting room the Kansas Kiwanis Conference Room;
  • Public acknowledgement in 4-H campaign publicity and on the 4-H Foundation website;
  • Recognition in the Kansas 4-H Foundation's annual publication.

Recognition will be given by 4-H to individual Kiwanians and clubs making significant contributions to the campaign by placing their names on a plaque to be displayed in the Heritage Hall. Kansas Kiwanis will also recognize significant donations at several levels.

At what level will you "Let the Spirit Move You?" (Donation or Pledge) Pledge Form

$500 - Silver    $1,000 - Gold    $2,500 - Diamond    $5,000 - Platinum

Every amount helps. Take up a weekly collection in your club. Have a special fundraiser for "The Springs."

Project Brochure

Please make checks payable to the Kansas Kiwanis Foundation and note "Rock Springs Project" in the memo line and send your personal or club donation to:

Marc Potter
401 N 134th St
Bonner Springs, KS 66012-9106


We can do this! 

Kansas Kiwanians Make Things Happen!

The money raised by the Kansas District of Kiwanis will be used to renovate the Lower Level Heritage Hall. This space includes a very large meeting room that can be divided into two or four smaller breakout rooms using acoustical doors, two seminar rooms and a lobby. To provide the best possible experience for the many camps, workshops, conferences and meetings, the renovation will include:

  • Replacement of all flooring and ceiling tiles;
  • Installation of white boards to replace chalk boards in breakout rooms;
  • Renovation of restrooms for increased accessibility;
  • Remodeling of existing vending space into a wheelchair accessible family restroom;
  • Repair and repainting of walls;
  • Installation of ceiling screens and a coordinated system of sound equipment and drop-down projectors in all breakout rooms.