The main purpose for any public relations plan is to put our name, organization, projects and logo (our image) out to the masses. We want to inform the audience of who we are, what we do and why we do it. And by doing so in a creative manner, if we encourage them to join our cause, that will mean more hands for service, improved communities and a better world.

Kiwanis International has many resources for public relations and continues to develop more which will help us in Kansas.
As an initial start in our district here are some goals and guidelines we will implement.

  1. Educate club members on the proper Kiwanis logo and the need to follow the guidelines according to International. This education will occur frequently and will be repeated through district newsletter articles, website articles, conference presentations, club presentations, etc. Clubs need to be encouraged to quit using logoed items for which they have “tweaked” to signify their respective clubs. They should be encouraged to donate said clothing items to their local humane society which would take these items out of circulation while providing a worthy cause for their community.  This one step will be a challenge as change is difficult and people hate to "throw out" a perfectly good shirt or hat but we must work to get the wrong logos out of circulation. This is not be a mandate of any sort but we will repeat this message and explain the purpose based on the goals of KI.  Link to additional images


  1. Encourage clubs to utilize their local media outlets to publicize club news & projects. Offer resources through the website and newsletter articles on links to templates for press releases. Examples of media outlets are newspapers, TV (including many local access channels which offer FREE advertising) and social media options too. Encourage clubs to develop working relationships with the key individuals that work with these media outlets. 
  1. Improve our "WOW" factor and presence at our district conventions with the purchase of Pop-Up banners. Kiwanis International has some and is working to develop more. Our stage presence needs improvement at these events. Utilize the funds budgeted for the PR Coordinator to purchase marketing pieces.
  2. Encourage clubs to donate past Kiwanis International magazines to their local libraries, medical clinics, senior citizen centers, coffee shops, anywhere the public gathers. Instead of throwing magazines away, share with others and attempt to inform what Kiwanis International is about. Local clubs should place labels on these magazines which indicate a club exists in the community along with contact info or club meeting info. 

  1. The district photographer will be an integral part of the PR Team and will work closely on district events. We will increase our publicity and presence with the photographers’ images of Kansas Kiwanis.
  1.  All club members are encouraged to implement the hashtag #KansasKiwanis on all social media posts regarding their Kiwanis activities. By using the hashtag it allows a person to quickly search through all the posts available to find what interests them and in this case we are wanting to highlight all of the activities in Kansas Kiwanis. This will be a great tool for non-Kiwanis people too.
  1. In addition to the traditional newsletter awards provided to clubs, we will offer social media awards for Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or Instagram posts.

The Public Relations plan in the KS Kiwanis District is a working document. We will continually be finding new ways to publicize our Kiwanis efforts and our “brand” in a favorable manner. Kiwanis members in Kansas are encouraged to contact Mary Hammond, PR Coordinator, with ideas and concerns regarding Kiwanis public relations. Please contact Mary at 785-623-8506 or via  e-mail