District Secretary

Jim Germann--District Secretary
922 Sunrise Hill Dr.
Junction City, KS 66054
(C) 785.210.7659
Email: District Secretary


The District Secreatary position is an important position in the district. The Secretary is responsible for the following:

Assist the Governor and District Board in conducting the business of the district
Keep all records of the district, unless specified otherwise`.
Be the executive in charge of the District Office and, subject to the approval of the District Board, select the employees, (if any) .
Submit to the proper officers, committees, or persons all communications received from Kiwanis International and cooperate with the Governor in forwarding all reports required by Kiwanis International.
Attend and keep the minutes of the meetings of the District Board and the district conventions.
Make a report to the district at its annual convention and such other reports as directed by the Governor or the District Board.
Be responsible for proper internal control procedures in cooperation with the District Treasurer, including the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of district and sponsored organization funds in the manner authorized and prescribed by the District Board. 
Responsible for the planning and general management of official district functions in cooperation with the Board and has authority to request assistance from club members.
Consults with and assists the Governor and others on meeting planning procedures, programs, finances, and other arrangements.
Attend Kiwanis International convention and secretary conference, district meetings, and other functions requested by the Governor.
Provides articles and assistance to the Kansas Kiwanian Editor.
Assist in preparing an annual district directory in cooperation with the district webmaster. (The directory will be available on the district website.)

Secretary Resources:
File Your Club Form 990